Why I Want To Help People

I believe in helping others. It’s what got me started in the first place. Someone would ask for something and I would deliver it. I always got always paid. That’s business.

I was a little kid when I started. I didn’t know what to do with myself, so I started helping people. I enjoyed doing it, so I continued.

Whether in grammar school, high school or college I would get business going. I’d survey the students for what they needed and wanted. This is the starting point. It always amounted to “help”…I mean business.

A person wants things in a unique and specific way. So, I would discover what this is. I would then, deliver that. And, I found that nobody wanted anything for free.

I think helping people is interesting. Everyone has their own unique charm. And, they’re always so grateful. I’ve seen others walk away. They’re just losing out. Losing out on all the benefits and rewards. The rewards of helping are great. These exceed the amount of time and effort spent.

If I couldn’t help people, I think I would be feel useless; worthless. Life would be uninteresting and dreary. I’m from a fourteen member family and used to being active. If we kids didn’t do for each other, we wouldn’t get along. My parents are helpful people. We learned this from them. To this day, we have six self-made millionaires and several multi-millionaires in the family. All new money.

I noticed, early on, that many people weren’t very happy. That made me sad. I wondered what I could do to bring a smile to their face. I wondered what it would take to get some enthusiasm going on. I really just wanted someone to play with. As it turns out, it amounted to help.

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Clare Rubel


Clare Rubel

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