Jaaxy-A Custom Keyword Search Tool

Jaaxy Tools

What you need, when you need it.

If you’ve ever done a keyword search, you know how time-consuming it can be.

With the rapid growth of the internet and speed of the web, we can use some help

speeding up our searches with Jaaxy-A Custom Keyword Search Tool.


Using Jaaxy

Type into the search field a word or phrase and the tool displays results, instantly.

It looks like this:

Jaazy Keyword Search

With Jaaxy you get the vital data you need to choose the strongest keywords.

Search Analysis Includes:

  • an average number of inquiries
  • the amount of traffic it receives
  • the number of competing sites using the same target keyword-QSR*

*(Quality Search Results)


All of this amounts to better ranking in Google, Bing and Yahoo.


Jaaxy Also Includes:

Jaaxy Website Ranking

1. ‎A Keyword List

2. Your Site Rank

3. Brainstorm HQ

4. Alphabet Soup

5. Affiliate Programs



The Keyword List helps you create and manage powerful keyword lists.

With Site Rank, you can track historical rankings and monitor your website authority.

The Brainstorm HQ finds trending, popular and lucrative ideas.

The Alphabet Soup feature uncovers millions of keywords and niches you can use.

A time-saver search to find relevant Affiliate Programs for your niche.




Jaaxy Banner

If you have questions or comments, please leave them in the comment section, below.

Thank you,

Clare Rubel


Clare Rubel


  1. Hello, Clare! Awesome review for a very exciting tool! Keyword and niche research has just gotten a whole lot easier! Your explicit description is point on in relaying its general use. It’s my favorite tool that I use to get my website keywords and content ranked in the search engines. Truly the best keyword search platform out there! Thank you for providing this very helpful information!

  2. Hi Clare,
    I love Jaaxy. I’ve tried other keyword research tools like Long Tail Pro, but when it comes down to it, Jaaxy’s the most efficient, simplistic, and cost effective tool out there to get the job done.
    Jaaxy gives me the most relevant information I need to rank content quickly.
    OH, don’t underestimate the importance of having an SEO score above 90. The higher that score, the easier it is to rank. At the same time, go below that number and it can be a challenge to rank, even if it’s a long tail low competition keyword phrase.
    Great review!

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