Wealthy Affiliate-A Simple Online Marketing Platform

Wealthy Affiliate is a simple online marketing platform geared toward Affiliate Marketing. It’s for those who want to make money online.

For those who want the benefits of owning a business without having to add a building or secure huge start-up capital. It’s for those who want to spend a few hours a day to generate extra income. Many just want a few hundred dollars. Others make thousands.

Start Part-Time

Part-time is the most popular approach. Choose your own schedule. Wealthy Affiliate is here 24/7 providing all the training, help and support you’ll need to get your business up and running. After a while and once you get the hang of it, you’ll safely give up your day job and enjoy full-time income.

Opportunity For All

Wealthy Affiliate is a great platform for students, travelers, work-at-home moms, stay-at-home dads, retirees and the generally ambitious. Once you have your business set up (7 days for me), it can be run from anywhere in the world.

Online Wealth Opportunity

Spend three minutes setting up your website. Use the custom keyword search tool to get ranked, instantly, in Google. Register a domain name to gain authority in the marketplace. Anyone can do this whether trained or newbie.

Totally user-friendly, the training videos are easy to follow. The ten simple lessons get you up and running as a business enterprise and on our way.

Try Wealthy Affiliate for a month. Use it absolutely FREE.



The Owners Care

Kyle and Carson created Wealthy Affiliate over a fifteen year period. It was a labor of love. You can see it when you login to the homepage. This site is set-up for easy navigation as you move through the list of resources, training and access to the community.

Owners of Wealthy Affiliate Owners of Wealthy Affiliate

I like Wealthy Affiliate because I’m making money and having fun. With other make money online businesses, after being “sold”, I was left alone. Yea, for a few days someone would talk to me, read my comments or answer my questions, but after a while, nothing. No response. At Wealthy Affiliate, I have an abundance of people to communicate with, even Kyle and Carson, the owners.

I believe this company is one of a kind. They’ve made it their purpose to create a full-service online platform, with State of the Art security and technology that’s second to none.


All the Resources You Need

Everything you need to make money online is here at Wealthy Affiliate. With WA you’ll learn:

  • How to get up and running in minutes.
  • How to get plenty of free traffic to your website.
  • How to use social media platforms for no-cost advertising.
  • How to optimize your website for ranking.
  • How to monetize your blog posts. And much more.

All the tools are built-in. Just point & click, copy & paste.

Online Wealth Tools for Success

Some of the Tools are:



What If I Have A Question?

You can ask a question at any time. There’s always someone to answer it. There are hundreds of members ready and willing to help. Every question is important, so you get answered same day and oftentimes, within minutes.

There are, also, thousands of articles written by the WA members. These share their insights and ideas about their success online. Wealthy Affiliate is a big community of like-minded people who are as dedicated to your success, as they are to their own. We all work together building niche websites to a professional standard.

Have A Chat

When you login to Wealthy Affiliate, there’s a “Live Chat” option. Communicate with anyone in the community in real time. Just type-in your request to the field and talk with an affiliate, one-on-one or as a group. A lot of good friends are made here.


What is the Market Like?

The Affiliate Marketplace is booming. More than 5 Billion people shop online every day. Total sales is $350 Billion a year and growing. Google has logged it’s highest search numbers, yet. Currently, the record is 1.2 Trillion. And that’s just in the United States. Sources say there’ll be another 30% increase by 2020.

Affiliate Market

There’s a lot of opportunity for Affiliates Marketers. Look at the graph. Half of these people are shopping. As you present an item to someone searching, you put yourself in a position of getting the sale. Just link them up and you get a commission. These commissions range from 10-70%.

Jason Stone, better known as the Millionaire Mentor, generated $7 million in sales between June 2016 and June 2017 through affiliate marketing alone. He has stated that he only participates in affiliate marketing campaigns that fit his audience’s interests.


There’s No Competition

According to Google Analytics, website use will grow another 30% by 2020. Sales will increase at a similar rate. They’re similar because the number of people shopping online are increasing, whether they’re buying on purpose or on impulse. That’s where you come in.


Affiliate MarketingBuyers are spending hundreds of billions.

In a few more years, it’ll be a trillion.

And that’s just for Millennials.

There’s so much increase in this market.

Companies are advertising for affiliates.

Notice the banner, above.




Go At Your Own Pace

One nice thing that Kyle did was to make the training video’s fit anyone’s lifestyle and pace. If I need, I could work a few hours a day, any hour of the day, from anywhere.

I, also, like that fact that it’s not like school. Never did appreciate that heavy-handed structure. Theirs is light and conversational. There’s never an instructor staring at me, no schedule to meet, nor punishment for mistakes. They’re very accepting. It’s a great environment.

Here are some comments from Wealthy Affiliates:

“I am quite happy. I started Sunday night 23.7.2017 and now my site is in Google. Oh wow.” -Lakeside Mom

“Just wanted to let you know that Wednesday 11.10.2017 I made my first money online. Making money online is really amazing. The people in the community are great. Everyone is ready to help. I love it.” -Mitchell

“Update to all…I am now making much more monthly income. I am glad to inspire others who are in the beginning stages of the business. If you need any help, just let me know. It’s encouraging to know I am on the right track.” -Abigail

Shopping Online

“I am super grateful to Kyle and Carson for building such a wonderful community, which provides the training, tools and support necessary to build a successful business, online.”-Zarina

I could go on and on. These are Wealthy Affiliate members expressing their wins and gains as they go. We have thousands of these.


It’s easy to get started. There’s no initial investment. No pressure. You go in, take a look around and do a ten step course. I built my entire Website in minutes. It gave me a sense of independence and freedom and helped me decide whether I was interested in being a Wealthy Affiliate or not. I’m retired, now. And after using the WA platform and seeing all the options, I decided to join.

What Does It Cost?

It’s Free to start. Try it for a month. You get two free websites, plus, all the tools, training and support you need.

A second month is $19. With this, you get 25 websites and all the tools, training and support.

Third month and so on, is $29 a month when you pay the full year @$359. You get 50 websites with all the bells and whistles. Or, you can pay by the month @$49.


How Much Can I Make?Affiliate Wealth

I’d say, a few hundred dollars in the beginning.

This can increases as you get more proficient.

I remember one kid made $40K in one month,  but he’d been at it for a few years.

He made this much at Christmas time with one product.



Why I became A Wealthy Affiliate

I do this to be my own boss, to make my own schedule. I had a brick and mortar business for years and it owned me. Yea, I made a lot of money, but I never got to leave. With Wealthy Affiliate, I can leave it running or take it with me wherever I go.

Some people do this full-time so they can have $10K per month. I think that’s a lot of work, but they say, “No, it’s just multiplying what works, over and over. “How many hours does that take?” I ask. “It’s all set up to pay while I sleep,” they say.

Go part-time or full-time. Once your income is enough, do anything you want, like me.




Wealthy Affiliate Rainbow


You’re in the Right Place at the Right Time

A recent report finds that by 2030, eight hundred million jobs could be lost. In America alone, it’s estimated that 80 million jobs will be completely automated. This process is underway as we speak.


By being here and choosing to get ahead by creating your own niche in the business world, should keep you completely insulated from these problems.

I hope you take a look and join us. I think you’ll be pleased.



If you have any questions or want to leave a comment, feel free to write something, below.

All the Best

Clare Rubel


Clare Rubel


  1. I am glad you are spreading the word about how great Wealthy Affiliate is – I was looking for affiliate marketing training and seeing some crazy high prices for education – one place wanted $17,000 !!!
    I was really happy to find Wealthy Affiliate where you can start for free and continue on for as little as $!9 – what a deal!

  2. Great Informational site, Wealthy affiliate is all you say and more. I have also enjoy working with community, and feel it is the best online education you can receive, for all they offer, Thank you for sharing and caring VickiG

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