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In the age of internet marketing, I’ve gone from owning a brick and mortar store to running an online one. While both are lot of work, they are equally rewarding.

In my early twenties, the brick and mortar generated a quarter of a million a year. As an online site, I’m working smarted not harder to master wealth. I am well on my way with Wealthy Affiliate.

After working a twelve-hour day in my print shop, I decided to start an online business. It’s geared toward giving business people help and advice. You see, I started as a young entrepreneur and retired at forty-three. I’ve been consulting ever since.

Business owners still call. They ask questions like, “Should I hire more people or invest in new equipment?” This is a simple question, but an important one. So, whether you have a start-up or a well-developed enterprise, no question is too elementary or too complex.

I have never charged for this, although my clientele has grown. I like helping people and this is why I do it. It’s the same business ethic. And, I believe I can help anyone.

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All Best,

Clare Rubel


Clare Rubel

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