How To Start A Business: Phase I-Establishment

How To Start A Business

Everyone wants to start a business, at some point in their life. This makes sense since everyone has a talent they can export. Some start, naturally. Others work at it. Most, are clueless. Whatever your position, it’s certainly solvable. It simply takes a bit of know how and some follow thru. I’m here to dispel any myths you might have about it.

Business ownership isn’t just for a select few. It’s for everyone who wants to do it. People say, “It takes hard work.” I disagree. It takes a lot of work. Its simple work, however. And if you choose something you like doing, business is a joy.


How To Start A BusinessYou don’t have to be smart or rich or anything to have a business. George Carlin jokes, but the definition of stupid is, “a not know”. If you read on, you’ll KNOW enough.

Simply do something you like. Exchange something with others. Exchange is the key. We, also, call it “trade”. You just trade what you have for what another wants. You both agree and you do the trade. Now, you’ve done “business”.


How Do I Start?

Start with what you have in your hand. You don’t need a large investment. Use what you, already, have. Do you recall someone asking you for something? Maybe they asked you for a can of paint or to borrow your car. Both of these have value.

Paint costs money. Car rentals cost. If you’re willing, tell them what you want in exchange. In other words, ask for something. I wasn’t using my car for a year and was asked to lend it out. Rather than just handing it over (though, I like to help people), I decided to charge $20.00 for the day. The person was happy to pay it and came back again and again.

People are always concerned about their personal needs. Business is concerned about this. There’s also business to business in that businesses exchange with each other. Basically, you’re fulfilling a need or a want. It starts with an idea of a product or service. This comes from what you’ve discovered is needed and wanted. Simply, supply that.

A Real Example:

1) A guy wants a pencil.How To Start A Business

2) You have a pencil.

3) He says, “How much for the pencil?”

4) You say, “A dollar.”

5) He hands you the dollar.

6) You hand over the pencil.

If you want to continue, find more people who want pencils and sell to them. Now, you have a going concern. Going concern is another name for business. You can see why.

Per Webster, “concern” means, to relate to; have influence upon; be the business of. It also means, to care for a problem, trouble, or distress. All you’re really doing is helping people; helping them have what they want.


There’s a reason people will pay you to do something for them. It’s because they won’t or can’t do it for them self. And, sometimes, they just don’t know how. That’s a good prospect for your business.


Can I Turn My Hobby Into a Business?

Do you have a talent or ability, something you’re good at? Truth is, everyone does. Some are easier to spot than others. Here’s a clue.

Your best business idea is the thing you’re already doing. Something you enjoy. Problem is, you’re not sharing it.

Are you keeping it to yourself? Taking it for granted? That’s usual when it comes so easy. Think about turning that activity into a business. It’s perfect for you.


How To Start A Business


As a kid, I liked to stencil. This interest became a hobby. In High School, I took a silkscreen class. My flippant sister gave out my prints. The next thing I knew, kids were bringing me their pix to print.

From my earlier experience, I knew to ask for money before I did, anything. I asked for $30. That was in 1972. That’s when I started my Screen Printing business; my fifteenth start-up. This biz generated $250,000 a year.

Whatever business you decide to do, I hope you like it a lot, because you’re going to be doing a lot of it.


How Do I Find Customers?

You don’t, actually, find customers. They find you. There’s a lot going on in the environment. You need to get their attention. Point them in the right direction. Make it easy for them to find you. This is a marketing problem.

Imagine this: You’re a painter. You’re a most brilliant one. But, no one knows you exist; like Vincent van Gogh. How will people know unless you tell them?

Tell them how find you and what to do; Come In Today; Call Now; Click Here. There are many ways to accomplish this. Word of mouth is the most effective. You can, also, use business cards, social media or a directory.

How To Start A Business

Blogging has become very popular. It can get your best work out there. Attach it to a website with some pix. Use the world-wide web to let people know you really exist. And show them what you do. Seeing is believing.

Here’s a website platform you can use for your business: Learn To Build A Website For FREE

That is how people get famous. They put themselves out there. They don’t hold back. I find customers by going out and letting people know what service or product I have. I give them contact information and, eventually, they come to me.


How To Start A BusinessIn the old days, before computers, a craftsman would do work for free, to advertise his craft. People would see his work and inquire. My brother Mike is a good example: As a retired ball player, he re-started in life. In his new business, nobody knew him.


One day, he did some work for Tiger Woods. (Ball players hang around with other ball players.) With the remaining material from the job, he decorated the exterior wall of a Community Hospital. From this, he received a lot of attention. Now, he has work, forever.


Do I Need Money To Start?

No. It’s called, “Other people’s money.” Use the deposit. I use the customer’s money to buy what I need to complete their job. This way I’m not financing it, myself. Let the customer finance their own needs. This is OK.

Start out with a room in your house. Most start-ups use and area in the garage. You’re already paying rent. Why pay more? It’s important to keep your costs down in the beginning. You might need to buy something you didn’t expect. Once you’re fully paid, add-up your profit. I recommend banking it, for later use.

How To Start A Business

Is My Business A Product or A Service?

Good question. Think of it like this: A “product” is tangible. You can hold it in your hand and carry it away. A “service” is intangible. You can’t touch or move it. For example, an air conditioner is a product; tangible. You can pick it up and carry it out the door. When it’s time to fix the air conditioner, you call for a service; intangible. Another example is a car; a product. A tune-up on a car; a service.

Who’s My Customer?

Your customer is the one who pays you. If he doesn’t pay you, he’s not your customer.

The way to know that you have a real customer, is to ask for a deposit. If he’s sincere, he’ll hand it over. If he doesn’t, let him walk away. It’s more important to spend time with your real customer. You’ll make more money that way.


How To Start A Business

A good customer is similar. What’s good is that they buy again and again and their purchases normally increase in value. As well, they don’t cause any trouble and they sometimes send more customers.




What If My Friends Want Freebies?

The saying is, “There are no friends in business”. I tell them, “Friends and family pay more.” Their eyes get big as I continue. Friends and family pay more for two reasons: 1) They get to contribute to my well-being and 2) They won’t take advantage. I never get asked again. And if they’re a real customer, they’ll buy anyway.

Put the Horse Before the Cart

Putting the horse before the cart is an expression which illustrates the need to have energy to run a business. And money is energy, too.

There have been those who’ve spent a lot of money for a business. This does not guarantee success. Matter of fact, most people fail. They fail because they haven’t put the horse before the cart and they, eventually, run out of money. They run out because they  haven’t bothered to generate enough business. Remember, your customer is your business. This is what will supply the energy to keep your business running.

You know you have a business when you have customers. Treat your customer like gold and you’ll have a customer for life.


How To Start A Business


In time, I will give you ALL the parts and pieces that make up the whole of a business operation. For now, you have enough to get stated. So, START.


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All Best

Clare Rubel


Clare Rubel


  1. Hi Clare,
    I really liked your article on creating wealth and am looking forward to the next installments.
    I liked your basic explanation of a business exchange with the pencil and the dollar. Many times people don’t realise what they have to offer or even that they have something to offer at all. Great reminder 🙂
    Have you heard that belief that if you charge more for your services people tend to value it more, rather than giving something away for free or little money?

  2. Wow. Thank you for the article. You make something that seems complex so simple to understand. I would love to master my wealth.
    I really appreciate how you explained “use the customers money”.
    I can certainly see how the deposit will reduce the need for me to come up with the money up front.
    I look forward to your next installment.

  3. Thank you, Clare,

    Your article was to the point and it has a step by step feel to it. I like that you made a lot of good points and gave direct action to take.

    Great Job!

  4. What a great article! A lot of gold nuggets from an experienced and accomplished entrepreneur. Thanks for helping us with your wisdom gain from years of running successful businesses.

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