2018’s Best Online Home-Based Business

Are you wondering about the best online home-based business for 2018? There are a few out there. Some are simpler than others. The money you make can be great or small, if you can do it at all. Unless you can run or control your online home based business, you won’t have the income you want.

Home Based Business

For this reason, I notice that they’re not all created equal. In 2018, I looked at a number of home based businesses.

Some were expensive and a few, inexpensive. Many talk a good story, but once you get going, you’re left alone, having to do it all, yourself. No matter how much or little you spend, if you can’t do the work, you won’t make the money.


Home Based BusinessI looked for someone who made it easy and affordable. Who provides good customer service on an on-going basis. I’ve tried working with companies who gave customer service and support at the beginning, but that soon ended, and I end up on my own.

Some companies require too much to participate. I need low-cost and low-tech. I found one company that wanted $20 to start their program. It started ok, but then they left me hanging. I asked for extra help and was told I had to buy “consulting”. I couldn’t finish because it got more and more complex. I just could not do it.

So, how do you find a program that actually works? You can ask a friend, read a review or keep looking until something impresses you. Or you can start with a free program and try it out. I’ve listed one, below.

There are some shady companies who’ll lure you in. They give you some bells and whistles, make you think you’re getting something of value, but when it comes to getting real value, they hit you with a huge price tag.

How do you avoid these? What’s the simplest way to know that you’ve picked a reputable one? One that won’t gouge you after you’re hooked in?

Home Based Business

Well, every company needs to make money or they wouldn’t exist. However, companies vary on what they think is important. Many home based businesses give you one or two tools for free, hoping you’ll pay them later, for the real money-making features. Or, try to get your money back. Few will honor their guarantee.

There is one company that doesn’t give guarantees. They give you a website. You get the training to build it. And ALL the tools to create your business; everything you need to know about running your business. But, this company won’t give you a “guarantee”,  because they don’t charge for this.


It’s called, “Wealthy Affiliate” and I’ve chosen it as the best online home-based business for 2018.

Home Based Business


Here’s how it works:

1) Click the link (below)

2) Login with email

3) Do ten lessons.



Login, Now: Wealthy Affiliate: Online Home-Based Business

Note the first few lessons:

  • Lesson 1-Get Rolling; Here you set up your website.
  • Lesson 2-How To Make Money Online; Know and understand the process.
  • Lesson 3-Choosing Your Niche-Choose your direction.

There are five Levels in all.


Finishing the Levels awards you Entrepreneur Certification. It’s a simple step-by-step you can do on your own schedule. Once you’re finished, your home-based business is up and running.

Wealthy Affiliate has fifteen years of online success. The first month is free. If you want to continue, the second month is $19. From there, it’s $29/mo when paying the full year. Hosting is always free.


Home Based Business

As the best online home-based business of 2018,  I recommend it for all levels of technical expertise. Its the simplest and most inexpensive program out there. I’ve tried other companies over the last fifteen years and talked to people who’ve used other competitors as well, and this is what they said:

“I joined a couple of home-based websites, but when they started asking $2500 to continue, I bailed and that is why I am here, at WA, today.” -Carl Jones


Wealthy Affiliate is a simple online marketing platform. Helping you make money is their business.

Click Here To Start: 2018 Best Home-Based Business

Additional Material: Home-Based Business For Dummies


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All Best,

Clare Rubel

Website: mastering-wealth.com

Email: masteringwealth2000.com

Clare Rubel

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  1. I like your review of WA. This is a different spin than I have seen before, but is good. I don’t know if affiliate marketing is really considered easy, even with WA. But, you can definitely get free websites and all the training and support you could ever need there. I highly recommend the starter membership for newbies to online affiliate marketing.
    Best of luck!

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